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Re: Internal vs External -- The Discussion?

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These really do not promote the development of subtle fighting skills that are difficult to train, and are for small / weak people to use against larger. Much better off taking the largest and toughest young men, teaching them simple and easily trained skills, and putting your resources into developing methods for organizing and directing fighters, and working out how to feed and equip them.
you are talking about training for soldier vs for warrior. two different things. don't forget the multi millenium factors, i.e. lots of time. don't you think the other folks also have large and tough young men as well? i did mention that the first ruler of vietname was a women right? and most of her war captains were women? and they did fought against an army that were out number them quite a bit. subtlety was everything here. and not just in personal combat prowess, but in the larger sense of warfare.

The truth is probably closer to the opposite - the internal skills come out of relatively lengthy periods of peacetime, during which professional warriors need something to show for all the time they spend not doing something else useful for society like growing food.
we didn't have professional warrior class like the Japanese. mostly farmers, workers and so on. same folks who beat out the Japanese, French and American. the Chinese had similar structure. During peace time we trained for the war that will eventually come. i did mention constant wars and armed conflicts, right?

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