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Mert Gambito
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Re: How does Aikido compare to Aiki-Jujutsu?


Thanks for chiming in with clarifications. Nothing much more to add for Ewen's purposes, except to reiterate that Hakkoryu and the Dentokan have notable philosophical differences despite strong outward similarities (in particular: shiatsu training is mandatory in Hakkoryu at a certain level, whereas it was not carried over to the Dentokan), so I suspect there would be a notable contrast between the arts in what lies down the road.

Devon -- The pleasure was mine meeting you for the first time. Thank you for your fine instruction and patience during the embukai. Adams Sensei spoke highly of you following shihan review and testing, and I certainly understand why.

Dan -- As always, your recent "coaching" in Honolulu was beyond enlightening. I hope your trip to the Big Island this time around was relaxing as well as a good time on the mat.

Chris -- Another get-together to train at the beach during sunset later today? Will it ever get old?? . . .
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