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Re: Internal vs External -- The Discussion?

Christopher Li wrote: View Post
I haven't seen anybody who's actually doing IP describe it in religious terms on Aikiweb - so I'm not sure exactly where that comes in.

Similarly, there is no one posting on Aikiweb who's making any money out of this stuff - or is really even intending to make any out of this stuff (outside of recovering some basic expenses), so can we put the "profit motive" thing to bed once and for all?

Out of the people training Aikido on Aikiweb, regular conventional Aikido, 99% of them are paying or taking money for what they're doing. Some of them have published videos and books, many of them teach seminars for money. Morihei Ueshiba taught for money. Why is it that none of them are impugned for a "profit motive"?


What Chris said - talk of religion is just not something that comes up when we are training IP - and, those that have a legitimate financial hardship and are sincere in their training, arrangements are made so the money for them is absolutely no issue.

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