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Re: Mike sigman's internal strength parameters- Have you guys read this; really!

Joseph Brown wrote: View Post
No, it's not a lineage argument. It's an authenticity argument. There are lineage holders who are not skilled practitioners. But the artists I mentioned are widely known and respected. Let's be clear, if a guy in your neighborhood says he learned bagua in a dream (or learned it from an old Chinese guy in the 50s...hello John Painter) and says he'll show you, and it seems he is a good martial artist and has some power, then it's clear he's a good martial artist. It doesn't mean his bagua is real bagua and is internally powered.

Not a lineage argument. Call me crazy, but when I want to study the neijia I tend to want to learn from people who actually study neijia, not study DR (which is not known to be internal), white crane (which is not known to be internal), or who knows what else.


PS Cady, I will not stand for your mis-characterizing what I wrote. I specifically did NOT make any claims about Dan Harden's ability. I wrote about my reading of his posts. Period. Don't start trouble by reading more into it than is warranted.
As I said, "basically a lineage argument" - the value of a known quantity. There's nothing wrong with that - except that it assumes that everything's known.

Mike, for example, is always cautious enough to say that he's not really sure how much Ueshiba or the DR guys actually knew (although he has his opinions, of course).



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