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Re: Internal vs External -- The Discussion?

I think some people are very passionate about the subject for similar reasons to those who have a sort of religious experience and who are "born again." You hear about Ueshiba saying "his eyes were opened to budo" while under Takeda. That is to say, you become aware of another level of budo and meaning is given to words you had heard before. It can be a very humbling experience, yet for some, they feel the need to tell everyone else about it. To spread "the good news".

Thus you run into the same problem, as if you have a friend who becomes "born again" and you lack the experience. You haven't experienced their change of heart and religous re-awakening and thus lack the passion as well as new insight that they perceive in the world around them.

It is in this context that "it has to be felt" should be understood.
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