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Re: Do we need another Steven Seagal?

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First, I really want to know what a butt munch is...I love the sound of it but what is it?

I think we need a Sara Seagal....there seems to be a trend of strong women in TV about a Temperance froms Bones like character in a movie or Zeva Davide from NCIS as an aikidoist? Or maybe Lucy Liu could train in Aikido on many possibilities.
I'd be totally into a media character who was female and an aikidoka.I think aikido training would make a tasty side plot for a badass spy chick or sum'pin. A wise sensei who plays like he or she doesn't know our girl is a secret agent, but tailors lessons to the mission. We could get deliciously aiki-stereotypical.

Buttmunch is a fairly mild epithet, originally directed against gay men ("buttmunching faggot"....). It does have a certain euphony, but I struggle to get past the original homophobia imbedded in the term. I really like the term asshat right now, for the inevitable image it gives me. And the xkcd thing of moving the hyphen when "-ass" is used as an intensifier. "That's a fine-ass car, bro!" xkcd rocks a lot.

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