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Re: Mike sigman's internal strength parameters- Have you guys read this; really!

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Yet Joseph Brown seems to have dismissed summarily Sam Chin and made presumptions about his skills without having met him, based on a few YouTube videos viewed out of context with his overall system. I have met and felt Sam Chin, and I have also had "quite a bit of exposure to the real deal" and have trained in IP for many years, and have a different opinion of Sam Chin than does Joseph Brown, who has not met and felt him.
I'm glad that you have had exposure to the real deal; and have trained in IP for many years. You have a diferent opinion of Sam Chin than JB, well, not sure you are talking about the same thing at all, I dont think Joseph said anything about Sam being a fake, not having internal power, or being a bad martial artist.

I dont think Joseph was dismissing Sam Chin. I think he just was pointing out that the "neijia" are not a grouping of martial arts that use internal strength. And I think he would also say that Aikido isnt one of those either.

Alfonso Adriasola
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