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Cady Goldfield
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Re: True Budo is a Work of Love, Even Down the Rabbit Hole

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To Cady and Janet,


Condolences to you and your family members on your loss. I read the obituary and it somehow reminded me of Frank Regan, who also came from your part of the world. I used to train with Frank when I lived in Cambridge and was shocked that he died at a relatively young age.
Thank you for your condolences (and Mary Eastland, thank you too). In fact I did know Frank Regan, although "tangentially" as he lived in the town where I grew up and ran a coffee house called The King's Rook, which was a popular hangout, especially for highschoolers too young for alcoholic beverages. His death was tragic and untimely. Frank's widow still lives there and is, I believe on the town board of selectmen. I also visited Kanai's dojo in Cambridge several times, many years ago when I was taking graduate courses @ Harvard, and trained a while with Bernie Mulligan, one of his earliest U.S. students.
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