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Re: Requirements to demonstrate "IP"?

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Let's go back to our high school days (mine were in the late 60s and I imagine yours were somewhere in the 90s) anyway, every Monday morning the guys would get together and talk about their sexual conquers over the weekend (some may find this sexist, but it is not - it is just the reality of it at that time) During that time, you generally had two groups - there was the group (virgins) that were lying to themselves and others bragging about how lucky they got, when in realty, they never scored. However, they would continue with much detail on the subject trying to convince others that they knew what they were talking about and what it was like - their detail was always second hand information and mostly from others of the same group. Then there was the other group just sitting there smiling (for various and obvious reasons ) and not saying a thing; this was the group that did get lucky and they knew was it was like and what it was not like, but there was no sense talking to those that did not know because they just did not have enough information to conduct an intelligent conversation on the subject.
Okay, I can't resist adding this Monty Python link now...
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