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Josh Drachman
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Re: 10/26 - 10/28 - Daito Ryu Ginjukai Seminar - Bellevue, WA

Sorry this is so late in coming but I wanted to thank Joe Brogna Sensei again for teaching just a wonderful seminar at Aikido Eastside a few weeks ago. Brogna Sensei gave us a ton of clear and in depth instruction on what is inside a number of basic techniques such as katate aiki sukuinage, kashiwade kotegaeshi, aiki zeme, yokomen shihonage, aiki age/aiki sage, furi aiki, the lucky seven, among many other waza. His instruction was clear, comprehensive, and fun. He taught us the value of working and staying focused in lines, where the goal is to learn as much as possible from everyone's efforts -- successful or not -- and the tips and guidance from Sensei. Keeping our talking and side practice to a minimum really enhanced our learning by enabling us to take in the lessons with our bodies, not just our heads. As Sensei emphasized, this is a visual and tactile art. Words, while helpful, are often overused. Brogna Sensei did a wonderful job of exemplifying the value of actions over words in our training.

Unfortunately for Brogna Sensei, but lucky for us, Hurricane Sandy waylaid him in Seattle an extra four days during which time he was kind enough to give us some great additional classes. Thank you Sensei! I look forward to seeing you again March 1st-3rd in Oklahoma City.
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