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Re: about training capacity

Cherie Cornmesser wrote: View Post
It is a little worrisome that you have only been training for three months and are being injured this much and subjected to hard/fast throws by your fellow students when neither of you is really experienced enough to be doing such things yet.. Your teacher needs to be taking control of this situation. Personally if thins sort of thing were going on and didn't feel like my teachers could get matters under control I would be looking for another place to train. But then I need my body in working order to make a living and can't afford to get hurt in the name of letting some kids play to rough.

I hope you find a resolution to your problem before you get hurt even worse.
Well, you got that one correct and I kept telling him I do not wanna train with kids and he simply answered you have to, they're the majority of the training.

What is fantastic about it all, is this place and this coach are the only ones in my town; next stop is 140KM away

Basia Halliop wrote: View Post
'More' of it, maybe... but a lot of joint locks and throws are able to cause damage even in strong healthy people -- that's one of the points of them, one of the things joint locks and throws are designed to do
Even that won't work, mm ... I 'll take some time off to think of a solution if not I 'll return to my meditating stage where I could not still find any where to practice Aikido.

Basia Halliop wrote: View Post
If they go slower you'll have more time to realize something's wrong and tap out before you get injured. Like you said, when people are going fast sometimes the reaction times are too long to stop someone on time. It's probably good for them anyway, to have to go slow and figure out where the actual control and balance are.
Yes, that is correct and no matter how I showed them the benefits of doing it slowly they keep the state of Jet Lee and Bruce Lee and any Lee in their; even when the coach turns his back to do something they practice bunches and kicks on the heavy bag

I 'll figure out something.
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