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Re: Requirements to demonstrate "IP"?

Chris Hein wrote: View Post
Awesome Greg,
Those quotes are VERY apropos.

So now, we can start communicating?
Sorry, Chris, but you and I have absolutely nothing in common to use as a baseline for establishing a foundation to support further discussion in this area. Regardless of what you are saying about a sincere interest in IP, you are coming across as arrogant, sarcastic, and with a presumption to the answers of your questions. As been mentioned, people that do have extensive hands on experience with this subject keep telling you that it is different than modern athletics and you keep insisting they are wrong because you lack the capability to listen and understand what they are saying. Contrary to what your ego may be telling you, those in the IP crowd are not here to convince you (or anyone else that does not want to listen) that they are right, but simply to let those that may be looking for something more in their training that there is something else out there and this is how to get it - as simple as that.

I wish you well in your MA journey, but I am afraid I have nothing to share with you any further; besides, I have a problem taking anyone seriously that over uses the word ‘awesome' - it just does not sit well with my generation; I know it is a personal quirk, but it is one that has served me well over the years

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