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Brett Charvat
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Re: Requirements to demonstrate "IP"?

Sigh...yeah, that's about what I figured. "I already do that! My teacher did the same thing! It's all the same! Your experience is just like mine the first time I saw aikido! There's nothing special about this stuff!"

I give up. If folks are going to ask for information from those who have taken the time to go and seek out the people who are showing these skills and then in the same breath dismiss our experiences out of hand as "yep, same stuff I do," then the conversation has been ended before it began.

I often hear the complaint from people that this forum sometimes seems like a "haves vs. have nots" when it comes to the IP discussions. Now I'm starting to see that it's somewhat true, but it's not because those of us who "have" (gone to see some IP folks and began training in it) are being elitists or stingy with the information. We might just be getting a bit tired of the "have nots" pretending to ask serious questions about our experiences, just to be told by the "have nots" that we didn't really have the experiences after all. You're effectively telling me that what I experienced is not what I experienced.

I should have just kept my fool mouth shut after all.

P.S. to Greg, your post above pretty much encapsulates what I'm trying to say, just more eloquently. Thanks!
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