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Re: Requirements to demonstrate "IP"?

All this talk of tacos got me hungry. After years of knowing only Taco Bell and thinking I knew what a taco was I found myself in Mexico and had a taco ... exactly the same it was not in the slightest but it was sort of ...

I spent years reading here and there and when I actually felt someone who could do it ... ohhhh, that's what that mean't. Then when I could actually do it, cool. Then I could actually teach some else how to do it ... OK, boyo, that is step one - now onto the next 1000 steps.

Recall this progression? Obsessed with pronography but that first actual experience is way different. Then you meet that one person that takes you way out of you comfort zone with all that freaky stuff - at first it is not comfortable but eventually it's really nice. Then you work together taking your time really working on paying attention and reaching levels you never knew existed. Now when one of you says "strawberries" and the other person knowingly and playfully replies "oh, yeah baby" and those around you are slightly uncomfortable knowing some thing really special and personal just happened and they say "I like strawberries" without understanding they have no idea what you guys are talking about. And the all to real knowing looks you exchange and then place your focus and attention on them and say together "Ooooh, strawberries" and they get all shivery and nervous. Yeah, kind of like that.

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