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Re: Is aiki a clash of forces?

Chris Hein wrote: View Post
Hey Dave,
I just finished the video. Very good. I would use similar descriptions myself. I also believe that this guy is saying that modern athletics is not ignorant of these ways of using the body. Even though in some cases they might organize a bit differently (as per his description of "boxing"). Would you say that he is making similar comments? Would you say he is doing anything outside of the realms of modern athletics? Does this fellow have "IP" (general question to all)?

Great video, I enjoyed watching it!
Hi Chris,

I'm glad you liked it.

In the beginning I think he is saying that many martial arts and sports rely on explosive power. In the beginning he equates explosive power to fajin (which is literally explosive power, so its not incorrect). I think he does this to involve his audience, which seems to have little experience with internal training. But I also think that during this lesson he tries to make a case that in external arts it originates from a different source and different movement than in internal arts.

I can't really see how much IP he has. What he explains and demonstrates looks good to me, so I think he probably has some IP. But like I said, I could be wrong.

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