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Re: Is aiki a clash of forces?

Chris Hein wrote: View Post
Hey Hunter. I have watched the "stupid jin tricks" video, I honestly don't remember him showing his abdomen. Not saying it didn't happen but I don't remember it. Now I really would like to see that video again.

So the "breath powered" leg press is done with muscles, just not the leg muscles, it's done with the "ball of muscle" that is believed to be called the dantien. Is that correct?

If the Dantien is a visible musculature, and that is the source of IP/IS, should we find some videos of this, or if it's not asking too much, couldn't one of the IP experts make a quick video for us now?
My notes say its SJT 2. Forrest's video and that seminar was a really good intro. I'm not sure if he still does seminars, but I wish I had trained with him, when he lived out in my area, though some of his guys are still around.

Yes, the leg press, or pole shaking or anything else like that is driven by the dantien, and not the legs.

As discussed before on aikiweb, there are similaities between yoga and IS conditioning. That doesn't mean that people who do yoga have IS (and don't really work the dantien), but could probably could pick it up relatively quickly, because the stretches they do, apparently condition the suit (fascia?) in Mike Sigman's model.

When you see videos online for dantien movement, you want to make sure its not the upper abs moving around, and I don't recall it looking like someone sucking in their gut or sticking it out. Apparently one of the reasons you see the chinese guys wearing silk robes, loose clothes etc, is to hide this movement.
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