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Re: Requirements to demonstrate "IP"?

Chris Hein wrote: View Post
I would like to talk about why anyone thinks something different then normal athletic activity is going on.
I started a few posts and then just deleted them. Chris, you started the conversations out to fail from the very beginning. You stated you have good experience in Chinese internals from a qualified Chinese internal teacher and know Chinese internals.

1. We don't want to talk about your teacher. I admire him, respect him, and given the chance, will train with him. But I do NOT want to drag his name into these conversations which is nearly impossible since you set yourself up as an authority via him. That kills a lot of the conversation.

2. There are hundreds of different Chinese martial arts out there. Even within the Chen lineages, teachers argue about internal methods and IP. Then it gets worse when you start tossing in other kinds of Chinese arts like bagua, xingyi, etc. Training in one lineage and then claiming knowledge of all Chinese internal arts is killing the conversation right from the beginning.

When people try to tell you that IP/aiki is different, you go back to either 1 or 2. Which then, pretty much, kills any chance at moving the conversation forward. Have you noticed how many people have bowed out already in the multiple threads you've participated in? They were trying to get you to open your mind. We all were. Several years, many threads later and nothing has changed ...

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