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Re: Do we need another Steven Seagal?

To the American public, I think the general perception is Seagal and Aikido is all about throwing bad guys through plate glass windows of liquor stores. That was the price paid to fill those theater seats. Mind you, I respect the man, I respect the rank and I can't imagine the sweat equity paid. I just dont think I'll ever see the Jo staffs on the wall be replaced with plastic Colt 1911's to drill tactical hallway sweeps.To me that's standard Seagal.

What I believe would work is an indie movie about Ueshiba. That would do to Aikido what IP Man and IP Man 2did for Wing Chung a few years back. That was a great film. It showed great humanity and perseverance

On the flip side, I watched Geitotsu Aikido Gobi(The Power of Aikido). Great trailer, disapointing film.
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