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about training capacity

During the last three months I 've been training Aikido finally

What bothers me is that in those three months I 've had injures I never had when I was in powerlifting and certainly not in three months only

There is a gab between training and the power to sustain my training colleagues mistakes and there for I am hurt and in pain.

I had a surgery before in my right shoulder to stabilize it, my left shoulder was this close of getting dislocated my left knee is now 1st or 2nd grade a ruptured knee ligaments , that of course not mentioning the slight cracks that occurs now and then during the training session.

how do we train?, well we give it a warm and up and static exercises for the 1st hour and in the second we do it Aikido.

We're three old guys and lot's of kids with ages like 15-18 :/, so basically it's still all about Bruce Lee in their heads.

Of course it ain't enough and I can not really think of anything to fill in this gab (being powerful enough to sustain the mistakes of my colleagues) without burning out.
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