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Re: Requirements to demonstrate "IP"?

I think a summery of the argument is something like this.

"IP" crowd-
Without feeling/experiencing something, that you have no previous experience with, you cannot hope to understand it.

Non-"IP", or "IP" curious crowd-
There is no reason to believe that there is something to feel/experience, if you can't give an explanation/proof that there is a something at all.

Let's agree that both of these arguments are fair, because they are. Then let's accept a fact, because of the nature of Aikiweb/the internet, we can never feel/experience what is described as "IP" through this media. So for a fact, we are limited to explanations/examinable proof of the phenomenon. This limits us to formulas, video's, do at home tests/experiments etc.

If you can't experience it directly (which is the case here on Aikiweb), and you want to talk about it, we will have to try other methods. Otherwise we're stuck with- "it's true. no it's not".

I personally would love to talk about explanations, proofs, and things we can examine. That is what is totally possible here on Aikiweb, and since this is the place we all are right now, shouldn't we be looking to do that?

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