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Re: Mike sigman's internal strength parameters- Have you guys read this; really!

John Burn wrote: View Post
Hi Hunter,

Stupid question... but what's the level of the seminar Akuzawa sensei teaches in France? And does he speak English on Seminar's in France?

He's definitely on my list of non-Aikido guys to meet.
Based on what I have seen in the past for seminar announcements, I think he has two separate session types, a more generic open class and a more teacher/experienced class. usually has info on upcoming seminars or you can check out the various aunkai facebook pages. I think some of the seminars have had both english and french translators, but if some of the Aunkai students show up, you may have some english speakers. For example, Rob speaks native english, and Manabu and Miyagawa both have pretty good conversational english. So even if they aren't acting as translators, they can help you out.
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