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Re: Requirements to demonstrate "IP"?

Thanks for the thoughtful reply Marc, (also sorry that I misspelled your name in my first reply)

As far as my conclusions go.
It's like anything else, if someone presents something that doesn't sound correct, you question it. If the answers given sound incorrect, you counter the answer in order to probe more deeply.

I do understand your argument that I haven't "felt" one of the few people who are deemed to have this special ability, that's what I meant by "your inner circle". Now it may have been incorrect for me to say "your inner circle", perhaps "the inner circle" would have been better. But the idea here is, there are only a very limited number of people (you listed only three, but there may be just over 10) that one can "feel" in order to understand this. That is why you claim I can't possibly "get it".

However if what they ("the inner circle") are describing is basically Chinese internal martial arts, I am familiar with that, and have "felt that". Now if they are doing something different then that, maybe you have a point. If it's something very new that this inner circle is doing, something that is not related to Chinese internal, then I'm just going to have to give that a try.

So if it's Chinese internal, let's talk about that, because I've felt it and know about it. If it's something new, something that's not Chinese internal, then I'll have to try that, and I think I'm going to get a couple chances in 2013.

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