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Marc Abrams
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Re: Requirements to demonstrate "IP"?

Chris Hein wrote: View Post
I just want to talk about what it is you guys are doing. You can train however you like as well. But when we come to a forum, we are here to discuss, not just advertise.

To say I have no understanding in this area, is not only insulting, but very untrue. If you would like to talk about Aikido, I have quite a lot of experience. If you would like to talk about competing, and sparring I have done a lot of that too. If you would like to talk about Chinese internal, again I have spent a lot of time doing that with a known authority.

Now if what the "IP" group is doing is not one of those things, then perhaps your right. If this is something you invented and didn't come from Aikido, martial practice, or Chinese internal, you very well could be right. But if you are talking about any of those things above listed, I do have a fair amount of experience with them.

Now I have not yet met one of your inner circle, you are correct.

I was directly referring to your reference regarding high level athletes and IP. You have made a claim and have even referenced Mr. Sigman as somehow supporting your claim, while others who directly train with him say that this is not what he believes. If you somehow equate IP with high level athletics, then I do believe that you are not there yet to fully understand what you think that you know. I frankly think that it is unfortunate that Mr. Harden will not allow you to attend one of his seminars. That leaves Mr. Sigman and Ark for you to experience (based upon the comments from others). When you actually get some hands on with one of them (hopefully more) you might actually open your mind up rather than looking to support your foregone conclusions. I am not the first person who has said that and certainly am unlikely to be the last. I am not trying to insult you or your experience base. I find you are the person who is pretending to have a discussion and use it as a venue to hold to your conclusions.

As to me, I have invented nothing and do not have some kind of mythical inner circle. I do get my out and explore what is out there. I come into those encounters with some believes that I test out. I have been pleasantly surprised with most of those experiences and they lead me to continue to keep an open mind and train harder. The biggest impediment that prevents a person from learning is what they believe that they already know.

I am sorry if my direct approach comes across as an insult to you. I thought that I made myself clear that I think that you are a good person who is not coming across that way in these threads.


Marc Abrams
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