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Re: Is aiki a clash of forces?

I know as well as anyone, that competing is more then just being good at something. I personally have felt the strain and stress of keeping up a competitive lifestyle. So I really don't expect every "IP" expert to be an MMA title holder, even if they have an advantage.

What I do find strange, is that in competitive sports, where people are looking for every single advantage available, including every little gimmick that comes down the road (trust me I've had some silly conversations about some crazy stuff with competitors), none of them switched to "IP" and then dominated their field.

If "IP" offers a strange and powerful advantage, even if it took awhile to get (which incidentally should be offset by the supposed fact that "IP" people can remain "powerful" late into life), that serious competitive athletes wouldn't be doing it, and showing results.

What about washed up athletes? Those who have grown to old to be competitive anymore because they don't have the muscle to do it any more. Many of them are very pissed off that they had to stop competing, why have they not found "IP" and been able to "get back in the game"?

If it's so different, and doesn't require what modern athletics are using, why aren't older athletes doing it, and staying competitive late into life?

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