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Re: Is aiki a clash of forces?

So Ark is an awesome athlete, did kickboxing, knows internal, likes competing, yet is not, was not, a world champion kickboxer, or MMA title holder? That sounds super strange to me. Especially if his only competition is normal athletes who are not trained in "IP", and "IP" is a superior way of training.

I'm not saying that the guy isn't super skilled, and very powerful, he seems like a neat guy to me. But if "IP" gave one a huge advantage, and Ark has it, and he likes competing, why wouldn't he be a world champion?

You are right about the UFC, you can't just walk in. However they draw from the amateur fighters. If "IP" offers a huge advantage, actually any good advantage at all, I'm sure an "IP" expert would come through the ranks in very short order. Especially if they did something unique looking, seeming.

K2 is not a small event, it's a pretty serious event. I think it's great he's got guys competing in it! However if what they learned from Ark gives an advantage, and they are otherwise skilled kick boxers, why aren't they always winning K2 matches and becoming world champions? When a great coach comes around, everyone clammers to train with them. Why doesn't Ark have a huge stable of champion kick boxers?

See, I'm not saying that you can't learn anything from "IP". As I said earlier, learning from the internal model or learning from a modern sport model are not mutually exclusive. You can get lot's of great things from studying internal. However those things aren't any different then the things good athletes teaches. Athletes aren't just a bunch of stupid guys who force everything with their big muscles. They are guys who care about using their body as efficiently as possible. They study, and test, and experiment, all the time. They also have huge muscles, because muscles are useful.

So I'm not saying internal is useless, I'm saying it's not the only game in town. In my opinion it's not the best game in town. A way to show the difference I feel, is that "IP" experts aren't excelling beyond what any modern athlete can achieve in any sports or competitions, that I've heard about.

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