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Re: A Christian perspective on Budo

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Hi Matthew & Lorel thank you for joining the discussion. Both of you raise some very good points. I never knew Budo had connotations of Japanese nationalism! Does Bushido bear the same connotations?

I agree with you that bujutsu is a tool for self-development insofar as it can lead us to a revelation of Jesus, however, in my blog I was trying to recorrect various Christian stereotypes that martial arts promote violence. I too believe budo can be potentially spiritually dangerous, which may be a subject for another blog. My blog was not an exhaustive or comprehensive look at budo/bujutsu. It was some initial reflections and questions to challenge and get people thinking. There is still more to come!
Hi Ewen,

Sorry for the thread drift. When I see "Christian perspective on Budo", it just raises alarm bells for me because of what I know about "Budo" as a tool for "self-development". Maybe if you termed it "Christian perspective of martial arts" then I would be less wary. But yeah, I think it is silly for some Christians to think that martial arts violence, or even the fact that Jesus himself condemns violence (he does not...heck he is coming back to judge the nations for attacking Israel and the saints--us Christians--and it will be done through righteous violence! Righteous, but violence nonetheless!)

p.s.--I don't believe in "self development" ... development of self just leads to development of the sinful constitution in all of us...not good

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