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Re: Do we need another Steven Seagal?

Mary Malmros wrote: View Post
And if, along with that one percent, you get a larger quantity of obnoxious buttmunches who degrade the experience for everyone else? Is it still a net win?
In the current (ANY) climate, anyone in the door is good for my dojo and is totally welcome. We have maybe 15 regulars, none show up for the same class, about a third are mudansha 4th kyu and better, all the rest are yudansha and most of them sandan and up. We can deal with an obnoxious buttmunch were one to show up. Nobody who wants to try a class is an obnoxious buttmunch. Some aren't a good match, but that becomes clear to all pretty quickly, and they are free to train anywhere they'd like.

But we also apparently intimidate the hell out of noobs that are somehow more legitimate. No kids have come up from the kids classes and stayed in the adult class for more than a couple months. The ones who try and quit say that they are intimidated because there are no new people in the class but them. There are two people in the beginner's class, I hope they stick, I hope they transition, I hope I am doing right by training with them in their class, but I am one of those awful, intimidating black belts.

Topheavy dojos seem to have a hard time getting new people to land. I dont know why we developed such a mudansha gap, I was off the mat for a decade. The upper rank folks are a wide variety of personalities, reasons for training, body types, genders, sexualities. We dont have much of a racial mix, but neither does our area.

If only one percent sticks, it seems to be in my best interest to start sorting. That sort of sorting is never a waste of my time and resources. I need something to sort, even if it is a less than perfect pool of new folks.

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