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Re: A Christian perspective on Budo

Ewen Ebsworth wrote: View Post
Sorry I don't think I explained the purpose of my blog effectively. Really I'm asking the questions of whether Christianity can benefit from embracing the martial arts, whether Chivalry is anachronistic or relevant? What Christianity can learn from Budo.
Hi Ewan,
I've hesitated to post because I'm not very well studied and I don't identify myself as a Christian, per se, but I do love what I understand of Christ and identify with the principles I believe He represents.
In the sense that Chivalry sought to realize noble qualities in positions of power (the nobility), I think it's still relevant. That it pertained to a warrior class and encouraged them to care for those who needed it fits pretty neatly with what I like about budo...or at least what little I understand of it.
Obviously Christ's actions were to help those who were in need (including some who were considered unsavory by society at large), but His advice to the wealthy man to give away his property seems to suggest a broader application of this altruistic principle. To me it seems to point to an emphasis on personal development through austere personal discipline (shugyo) for the sake of both the self AND others. Because of this I can see how Budo and Christian practices might inform each other pretty nicely.
Thank you for the chance to consider these noble ideas more deeply!
Take care,

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