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Re: Requirements to demonstrate "IP"?

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Hey Chris,

he appears before at 1m10s and again later. So, he credits the work he's done on IS to allow him to pull this off. And if you tally his hours training in martial arts I'm afraid his #1 would have to be Aikido. But he is a dog brother now too ( Mongolian Dog )

Another guy, Forrest Chang is someone who has put in a lot of work and training, can speak the language, and can understand the context of the chinese in martial arts too, and a very intelligent human being. Stupid Jin Tricks is a list of things that you should be able to do without training to do them if using internal stuff. The brain is a very plastic thing, no magic , no woowoo but sitll very plastic and trainable. Over time; with good guideance. He's worth meeting , but you'll have to be in the context of chinese IMA , I dont think he's very interested in aikido at all.

And I stand by what I said, human bodies are human bodies and scientific inquiry is a process. Stuff not understood will be better understood. That's all.
CK is in a bunch of dog brothers videos, though his judo comp videos are not for public consumption. He does some pretty nifty stuff against much bigger guys.
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