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Cool A-Ha!

Kathryn Cole (Kat.C) wrote:
Shouldn't a student adapt to the dojo environment or leave if he/she does not wish to? New students should check out a dojo before joining, if they see that corporal punishment is accepted there and they don't feel comfortable with it then they can either not join, or they could speak with the sensei about their feelings on the matter. Really you need to adapt to the culture of the dojo not expect it to be the other way around.
I agree. The student should be aware of what they are getting themselves into. And the prices they will pay more than what comes out of their wallets.

And Paul, we have clearly defined the parameters of this discussion. We are not replacing words nor circumstances. This is not about anything else besides dojo culture.

"He who knows best knows how little he knows." -Thomas Jefferson
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