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Re: Do we need another Steven Seagal?

This is tough.. one of my most persistent students started aikido because he was a seagal fan in his young days. I am happy about having him in the dojo, but it is hard for me to otherwise recognise the impact of Seagal as a positive thing for Aikido.

Maybe all publicity is good publicity - and getting people into the dojo is a nice thing, but since our dojo is not a business I would rather have two or three good honest students that have a decent grasp on what Aikido is than two dozens Seagal-wanna-be's. They may pay the rent, but they will also absorb my time and effort to little effect. Thereby reducing the quality of teachings for the other students with a long time perspective.

Since christmas is getting sort of closer I will utter this wish: I don't wish for a new seagal, but i do wish that some person with good aikido will gain a lot of positive media attention for a while and thereby bring Aikido back in the minds of those who would really love practicing it as a Budo. I have no idear who it should be... a politician without scandals or bribes in the past, an actor without too many broken marriages and drug abuse stories, a business man who hasen't crushed too many small companies (or countries) on his/her way up.. a scientist doing research that cannot be applied in a destructive manner... yes It's a lot to wish for.. .


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