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Re: Is aiki a clash of forces?

Well you do have a point, if athletes can do this kind of stuff (my claim) then why would professional athletes who attend these seminars not be able to understand/do it.

It's a good point.

And the point I'm always asking about in return, which would be, if these "IP" guys have such amazing power why aren't they out there winning gold metals at every Olympic event.

I think I hit on this earlier, and it answers both of these questions. All practices/sports have specifics, that must be learned in order to do the practice/sport. For example, a world class Tennis player is likely not going to be a great football player, unless they trained in that sport. So even though both the football player and the tennis player are athletes, the football player might have a crummy backhand, and marvel at the tennis player, and the tennis player might not be able to catch anything at all and be amazed at the football player.

So then we get down to the specifics of the demonstrations of "IP". Those are also specific skills that take some practice to get the hang of.

But there is an interesting question here, why don't the "IP" guys dominate in the fields where the should understand the specifics of the sport/practice. For example why aren't "IP" guys winning MMA matches?

Again, we might get into specifics of the practice. But if we look at a guy like Ark, he was a serious Kickboxer, I'm not sure if he was a professional kickboxer or not, but I know he was very serious. If "IP" offers a great physical advantage to it's practitioners, and it's practitioners know the specifics of a practice/sport, then why wouldn't that "IP" expert become a world champion at the sport he competes in?

So I would say specifics of a practice are the difference, they might be athletes all, but the different disciplines make it difficult to cross lines. However if an "IP" expert does have a serious physical advantage, and does train in a sport, he should be the best, or at least at the top of his field in that sport. Correct?

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