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Re: Mike sigman's internal strength parameters- Have you guys read this; really!

Chris Hein wrote: View Post
Working on that now, I understand where you are coming from.
Well, that's good to hear. I can't recount how vividly I dissed Mike Sigman six or seven years ago, and Rob John, too. I told them I could do what they were describing. The "six directions"? I said. That's just the six directions you have to balance to do anything, such as lifting weights or chopping wood. And that was true. But the training is not the same as chopping wood or lifting weights. It actually "tunes" the body to hypersensitivity to the six directions and the result goes far beyond anything I've seen from a weightlifter. And it was far more effective than what I was able to do even after years in Japan.

It is definitely not athletics and nothing in athletics approaches it.

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