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Travers Hughes
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Re: Sensing energy from far away: is this achievable or BS?

Long Trinh wrote: View Post
I thought about running there Tuesday and Thursday. However I need to consider this carefully, cause I'm still a full-time college student. I might just end up trying it out next week. Thanks for the inspirational push. I guess sometimes we just need to decide what we want and make the sacrifice
What sacrifice? Getting there is part of the training. It is not a sacrifice if you're doing "what you are in love with" (your words - back them up, or quite the melodrama). Go to these classes, or don't. It's your choice. Seems to me like you're after validation of your excuses.
Reality check: There are millions of people in the world that work full time / attend college OR BOTH, and still are able to train / raise families / work second and third jobs etc. What's stopping you from being one of these people? (Not being harsh, there may be a reasonable explanation, but you do need to understand that your difficulties are not so big in the scheme of things...)
Best of luck in your endeavours.
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