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Re: A Christian perspective on Budo

thank you for elaborating Tom and I'm sure the Auvergne has a very special medieval atmosphere in its architecture and history. I come from England so we have a rich medieval history too but there are not many stunning remnants of medieval England where I live.

I've read similar things about O'Sensei's 'universal' approach to religion and Aikido and in the context of Budo I agree that people from all religious backgrounds can find their own spiritual lessons and expressions without having to convert or adopt a particular religion.

I am open minded to other religions inasmuch as I believe there is much to be gained from inter-faith dialogue. I was the representative for all inter-faith events for my Christian Union at university. I do not believe in universalism personally but I do believe that there is One God of the universe who desires to be universally known. In relation to Budo I do believe Christianity can learn from Eastern religion as our own martial traditions have past into antiquity.
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