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Howard Popkin
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Howard Popkin - Mesa Arizona, this past weekend !

Great seminar at the Budo Shingikan in Mesa, Arizona this weekend.

I wanted to thank Kancho Darrell D'Antonoli for putting in great effort and dedication to the Daitoryu Aikijujitsu Ginjukai and Mrs. Kancho for taking care of me all weekend.

I would also like to personally acknowledge a few people:

Sempai Jim Lehrer and family for all their hard work, dedication, and hospitality.

Shihan Stephen Ewing and the members of his dojo that worked so hard all weekend, Chase Rumfola, David Kelly, Aspen Weichberger, Chad Wheeler, and many more !

Master Steven Michael Nesky and the members of his dojang for their hard work and efforts !

Last, but clearly not least, the members of the Budo Shingikan - KEEP IT UP !

You are making great progress.

Best wishes, and thanks !

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