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Some partners talk too much and even want to do the technique for me!


When training, I find that some partners, especially from other dojos (we're doing a seminar now) tend to talk a lot. Do this, do that, watch this, don't forget that.

Sometimes, as uke, they even try to move my body so that the technique is done correctly. IOW, I'm tori and yet they are moving my body for me, from their hold.

I'm sure it's well-intentioned but it gets distracting and frustrating. I feel like I need to have at least some space in which to find my own way. If uke is doing the technique for me, what am I learning, after all?

Not even the 7th dan I have trained with has done that. The lower dans will occasionally do it in minor ways but only after giving me lots of chances.

I'm mu kyu, been training a year. Anyone have any reactions to this? Thanks.
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