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Re: should you smoke marijuana on your aikido journey

I live in Washington state where we just "legalized" the stuff. I know a lot of people who smoke and I used to smoke pretty heavily myself so I have a very direct set of experiences. I see more problematic behavior with alcohol than weed, but I'm inclined to think the problems are deeper rooted than the substances abused...which clearly do compound those issues though.
That being said I believe I just heard about a study which suggests marijuana can lead to a form of schizophrenia (or similar behavior) in some people. Again, I'm inclined to think all substance abuse can contribute to having similar results, albeit perhaps not in the same conditions.
The most pervasive problem I can see is the effects of smoking on the lungs/breath as well as the issues that come from any chronic substance use, which gradually rewire certain mental functions (e.g. memory and motivation).

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