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Keith Larman
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Re: The Fear of Power

I'm sitting here thinking, wondering, pondering. We all tend to project our own beliefs, intents and goals on others. I am about the least fluffy of Aikido folk you would meet. I am firmly convinced by hand's on experience of the value of the IP training, but I understand that this conviction is based on what I'm looking for, what I want, what I'm pursuing. I don't need to project that on anyone else.

And I have very good friends and compatriots who are perfectly happy to do what they have always done. They find tremendous personal satisfaction and value in how they study and practice their Aikido. Nah, ain't for me, but that's cool. People talk about Aikido like it's some small koryu with 1 guy leading the charge and 20 "real" students. Nope. Hundreds of thousands doing all sorts of stuff that if you picked correctly might look like totally opposite things.

So to quote my old school mate, the late Rodney King. "Can't we all just get along?"

It's easy to dismiss others saying they're afraid of learning the "truth" that appears so obvious to yourself. Unfortunately many "truths" say a lot more about us than the world out there and it is often in no way applicable to anyone else.

Me, I don't need convincing any more. I'm pretty open about what I think on these topics. I just don't see why folk have a hard time seeing that aikido is a richly diverse thing today with so many different branches, threads, directions, philosophies, etc. that you simply can't speak generally without speaking trivially and that speaking on very fine details ends up meaning you're likely speaking to only a small slice of the population.

Find your place. Train with sincerity. Keep an open mind. And then train some more.


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