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Re: Sensing energy from far away: is this achievable or BS?

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If this was possible, I would have done it a long time ago... When you fall in love with an art, you don't simply let go because of unavailability right?
Sure you do. Do you know what the word "unavailability" means? It means it isn't there. If it isn't there, you can't have it. To have it, you must go to it. If you won't go to it, then simply letting go (which you seem to disdain) is the better and wiser course, although it's also the harder course. The easier course is to indulge in comfortable delusions and romantic notions about your striving and dedication and "not letting go". If what you're holding is junk, then letting go is the only thing that makes sense.

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I started Aikido when I was in Paris last semester. 20 hours per week, every hour not spent in the dojo felt like having an itch.
Well, I love aikido, but that's not a very functional way to be, unless you've managed to get yourself into an uchideshi program. Perhaps you should pursue that.
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