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Re: Mike sigman's internal strength parameters- Have you guys read this; really!

This is a post for all the readers.

What Chris Hein is trying to tell you is that this IP/aiki stuff is "normal". It's athletic training. And that:

Chris Hein wrote: View Post
After reading this, it seems silly. Everyone is so worked up, worried about selling themselves at their next seminar, that they have ramped up these simple, great ideas. They have made them out to be some kind of thing that only special people know; that's just not true.
Let's review then.

David Orange who trained with Mochizuki
Bill Gleason, who trained with Saotome and Yamaguchi
Marc Abrams who trained with Imaizumi and Ushiro
Chris Li who trained with too many to list but includes top Aikido shihan
Allen Beebe who trained with Shirata
George Ledyard who trained with Saotome and many others
Howard Popkin (who isn't nearly as fat as an iceberg ) from Daito ryu who trained with Okamoto (student of Kodo Horikawa) can be added to the list.
Richard Stevens was the most recent and publicly posted his thoughts here on Aikiweb. But, there were others who preceded him.

So, you have top people in aikido who trained with top Japanese shihan and then went and experienced what this IP/aiki stuff was all about. These people are training IP/aiki. None called it "normal" nor did they equate it to good athletic training.

Chris Hein (who trained with which Japanese shihan and which IP/aiki people?) has said it's "normal" and good athletic training. And that all these other people are wrong.

Let's recap that.

Abrams, Beebe, Gleason, Ledyard, Li, Popkin, Orange (hundreds of years of training history with exceptional Aikido shihan) all state IP/aiki is different and are training it -- VS -- Chris Hein who states they don't know what they're talking about and are wrong as it's all just normal athletic training.

That's just the above named people. How about all the other aikido people (numbering in the hundreds) who are training IP/aiki now?

So, readers ... you decide. Who would you believe?
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