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Re: Requirements to demonstrate "IP"?

Hey Chris

we met, so i know how you feel about these things

in any case, here's a good video of CXW (Chen XiaoWang) showing movement that is conforming to the rquirements of internal strength

Pay attention to the way he describes his various hits and how they look. I told you when we met that the dichotomy your proposing of athletics vs internal is nonsense there is no jedi stuff goning on here. But there is a different logic to the body movement to other types which are very good.

In any case why go to the students when there are legitimate masters around?

But just in case, in this video there is one guy with an Aikido background , a nidan in yoshinkan actually, who has spent his time pursuing internal training; you're familiar with the venue I understand. see if you can spot him. He's actually an aikiweb member too. He is much too modest to bring himself up, so I am taking the liberty

Alfonso Adriasola
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