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Re: New Aikido videos available on You Tube...

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On your Morote dori Kokyu Nage, what is your main point in making the throw happen? Not that I think there is anything particularly wrong with it, it looks fine. But what is the main device that is making the throw happen?
Actually the technique is not called 'Morote Dori Kokyu Nage' BUT Morote Dori Kokyu Ho and that is the big difference. We are not trying to throw our partner but practice the Kokyu feeling, which is in all Aikido techniques. So the point of making the throw happen is not the primary goal, but Kokyu feeling with the right turning of the hips with correct body position, which naturally make the throw happen... I hope I have clarified and answered your question. Ultimately one needs to practice the technique to understand what this all about...

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