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Krystal Locke
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Re: The Fear of Power

David Orange wrote: View Post
Sounds pretty powerful. Would you keep it up if it didn't work?
It depends on what you mean by "didn't work". Yes, I would probably still do aikido if it "didn't work" for me in a martial sense. I get a huge sense of community from my dojo, I get tremendous satisfaction in the having of a practice, and I like the way ukemi makes me sweat.

My reasons for doing aikido are very different from most people's reasons. The security work reason is distantly secondary to my primary reason for doing aikido. Sure, right now, aikido helps to put beans on the table and to keep me out of the hospital. However, the reason I took up the art in the first place is long in the past, and is far too personal for me to toss about here, but I can assure you it had virtually nothing to do with power. It was more about connection.

I do not deny my power, I work to increase my power, and I exercise my power frequently. I really like power and I am almost addicted to using it. I dont insist others cast themselves from my mold. We dont all take aikido for the same reasons, we dont all enjoy aikido in the same way, and I have plenty of room for that. I suppose that comes of having a really big mat.
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