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Re: Requirements to demonstrate "IP"?

Read the Baseline Skills thread on aikiweb. Look for Mike Sigman's Teacher Test criteria. This has all been stated in detail and at length in more than one thread. Baseline Skills will probably tell you all you need for your research.

Of need to meet these "experts" in person. It has to be "experienced"--not talked about.

And another hint: save yourself the trouble of figuring out which ones do or don't have "it" by skipping the ones who don't already have a well established reputation for having the goods. A short list of those to see would include (in no particular order):

Dan Harden
Mike Sigman
Minoru Akuzawa
Rob John
Forrest Chang

These, at least, I'm sure of.

Dan has also stated that Sam Chinn has the goods, so add him.

Also, apparently, William Gleason.

Other people have given you a few other names.

But save yourself the waste of time by only going to those already acknowledged and recognized as real experts. No point in analyzing and finding the fallacies in a bunch of guys no one ever heard of and using their failings to represent IP.


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