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Requirements to demonstrate "IP"?

I'm putting together a little investigative paper, in which I'm planning on working with some experts in the "IP" area. But in order to make this paper, I need to understand what would and would not constitute having, "internal power" or "IP".

I am curious, what abilities should one who has "IP" be able to demonstrate that a non "IP" having person could not? What things are "proof" of IP? Thing's that I can put in a paper and point to after having met with IP experts. How would I know if a person had "IP" and was not simply strong in an "external way", or was using some kind of "trick" or other technique that might fool me? Beyond word of mouth, what proof of "IP" can I use?

Other then "it felt strange" what kinds of things could I point out, or ask about that would show someone having "IP" over "EP" (external power).

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