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Re: The Fear of Power

Your argument is really getting hard to understand.
So, you believe that people who train with modern firearms are not more physically powerful, in a fight, then someone with something they learned in Aikido, even the super Aikido you know about? In China's boxer rebellion I think we already saw what happens to expert martial artists, many of whom I would assume had what you call "IP" when they face men trained with firearms.

It's not wrong for politicians to have social power, I never said it was wrong, you did. But I am saying, that if you're interested in social power, you should work on being a politician and not an Aikidoka. I was trying to express how limited the study of Aikido is compared to other pursuits of social power. If people doing Aikido were focused on getting social power, if that was their primary interest, they wouldn't be wasting time with Aikido. Obama never studied Aikido (not to my knowledge anyways) yet he is the president of a powerful country. If seeking power, there are many better ways then Aikido training.

I find that it would be far more likely that people training in Aikido might come to Aikido thinking that they are looking for power, when in fact they are trying to discover something else. That is why they choose an avenue of study that might seem powerful, yet really isn't. The good one's who stick around, figure out that they were never looking for power in the first place, they evolve, and hopefully add to the Aikido community.

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I can only tell you that my aikido has been MMA from 1976 on. It's more than twisting hands and stepping. It is an art of global power.

If your art is global power, I think you've chosen unwisely. Not because power is wrong, not because I am scared of it, or fear it. Simply because there are better ways to get it.

I think I can see where the rest of this conversation is going...

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