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Krystal Locke
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Re: The Fear of Power

Tom Quinn wrote: View Post
I have no doubt that it's possible. I just woudn't depend on it, there are too many variables
What do you suggest I depend on when it is my job to control and remove violent people without injuring them? I seriously train in a serious school in a serious art that is perfect for what I do. Do I have other tools at my disposal when I'm working an event? Sure. I've got a radio, the rest of my crew, I usually carry a knife for cutting zipties, some of the other people carry tasers.... Mostly, I have me, my brain, and aikido. I've only bounced for a handful of years, and have only stopped a couple hundred fights, maybe, but so far, what I've got has been enough. Am I saying I'm invincible? Nope. Am I saying I've successfully used aikido to keep me and my bad folks safe? Yup. This shit works and I'm sticking with it.
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