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Re: The Fear of Power

David Orange wrote: View Post
All well and good for the individual human, but not to apply to the art that came down from Ueshiba. Aikido is powerful and much of its grace comes from its power. Those who denigrate power out-and-out, then try to neuter aikido by teaching that it should have no be kind, they're on a seriously mistaken path.
Wait, are you saying that the main idea behind Aikido training is to get more power?

If you are saying that, then I can say unequivocally, we have night and day ideas about Aikido. I don't think that is what Ueshiba was saying, and even if he was, which I absolutely do not think he was, I don't think that is what today's Aikido community is about.

I believe Aikido is about learning how our "power" fits together, ideally in a mutually beneficial way.

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