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Re: The Fear of Power

Mark Murray wrote: View Post
Beyond even that, when talking IP/aiki, it is all about the power within and how it changes you. I think you are coming to realize that, right? As you become the universe, other little planets don't matter so much. If they don't matter so much, you aren't affected by their actions as much. As you aren't affected as much, you live a bit freer in the world. All from the power of IP/aiki.
The power to be free. I think that is where Ueshiba began. He saw his father beaten for his political views, according to a book I read (Kisshomaru's, I believe).

And another aspect of power, and the fear of power, is the natural necessity of it, which has been distorted by mistaken "aikido thinking".

What is power, after all, but capacity? Ability?

Many people would not wish "a more powerful car." I don't have any desire to drive a Mustang or a Porsche. I have no concern about the kind of car I drive or, really, what it looks like. I'm a poet at heart.

Yet, if my car could go further on a gallon of gas...still getting me to the same destination in the same amount of time...that's a kind of power.

I'd like my money to go further. That's a kind of power. I'd like to get more for the dollars I spend.

In IP/aiki, isn't that what we're really seeking? For our effort to achieve more?

Who could be against that? It's Bucky Fuller talk (less is more).

But when you describe that as "power," some people lose all perspective and think we want to be Bruce Willis in Die Hard or Bruce Lee in Fists of Fury.

Not I. I want to be like Morihei Ueshiba, who could stand effortlessly and be immovable, who could raise his hand effortlessly and the big man grabbing him would become weak while another person could strain all they wanted and still fall to the strong man.

Power, in fact, only means "capacity" or "ability." There's nothing evil except the intent of the one who gains the power. Why do they want it?

And that gets back to the motivations of those who claim that power is bad and seeking to become more efficiently powerful is somehow bad. Why are they training in a martial art and jumping through hoops to get a black belt? I just want people to examine that question honestly and comment on it here if they so desire. Because I'm interested.



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